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This is my personal blog site for writings about life and living, cognitions and bognitions, insights and outsights, rants and raves, prose and politics, economics, infonomics and exonomics, inter and outerpersonal relationships, artists, people and anything else that interests me.

Simple Truths

Originally posted on wright jacobs musings:
My search in life is for truth, wherever it may lie. So, to avoid adding to the glut of truth decay inundating our minds and eroding our senses at an ever-increasing velocity, I’ll cut…

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Discovering Natural Laws That Change Everything

  Author’s Note: This is an article about an important book, “The Natural Laws of Selling,” and its author Daniel W. Jacobs. It’s not a book review, per se, though I recommend the book highly. The article discusses parts of … Continue reading

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Love & Happiness circa 1968

Note: Myrna found this hand-written piece I wrote in the spring of 1968. Much of it is still true today. – Dan Jacobs We all have an overwhelming desire to be needed, to be wanted, appreciated, to be loved. In … Continue reading

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Myrna Jacobs . . . Poems

The Beginning Once when I was unaware that love could come so fast, I allowed myself a day, not even that . . . an afternoon. It was cold that day. The Union was full, so we warmed our feet in bed, … Continue reading

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When things aren’t working out as you hoped, seek out and discard any old assumptions that may have outlived their usefulness. You may discover that assumptions are hazardous to your wealth.   Daniel Jacobs, 2017

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What Goes Around . . .

If you’ve ever done something wrong, harmed someone who didn’t deserve it, or injured someone or something intentionally or unintentionally, you’ve got a problem. You’ve set in motion what could be called, the concept of inevitable consequence. Why? The answer … Continue reading

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The Rain Came Down, by Myrna Jacobs

THE RAIN CAME DOWN a poem by Myrna Jacobs I read your letter in the rain Sitting in a park called Freedom It seemed so fitting   You told me you loved me You said you knew how much I’d … Continue reading

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