A Belated Birthday Gift, 2016

It has been my custom for nearly two decades to give a gift to my friends in celebration of my birthday. And although the date of my birthday in 2016 has come and gone, I am writing this as a belated gift to my friends

As I seem to tear through the years with increasing velocity (or ferocity?), I notice that to appreciate people more than things. In spite of the fact that I did think and feel such thoughts and emotions earlier in my life, such seem to hold more substance than before. I’ve lost some relatives and friends, whom I miss, but have also gained new ones as a welcome and rewarding part of my life.

Myrna Jacobs, my wife for over four decades, remains as always, my true love. She makes me wish I were better than I am and often prompts me to be so. Myrna has a native ability to see the beauty in people and things and records this with her camera. Magically, she can change the way someone thinks about and sees themselves simply with her photos of them. I’ve witnessed these phenomena time and time again with infants to well-seasoned adults. And, it is a gift that she freely shares with others, often without even a “thank you” in exchange for her talents. Still, she continues seeing and creating beauty in all aspects of life, and deserves all that she receives in return . . . and more. I love and admire her more than words can say.

My focus and intention at this point in life are first to be true to myself.

Second, by whatever means, to empower those who strengthen me.

Third, again, by whatever means, to lessen or diminish my exposure and connection to those who would weaken my friends or me and those I love.

And, if you have received and are taking the time to read this message, you can count yourself as one of my friends, and I’m happy that you are.

Finally, this seems a sane approach to living: to care about others, to add value to the lives of others by my presence (not by my absence), and to look for the good in others and tell them. I hope you agree.

The writing to follow is my gift, a selection of my thoughts and musings on expectations. As, after all, expectations are what create your future to a great extent, aren’t they? This, if for no other reason, is to me worth taking a looking at.

Daniel Jacobs, 2016


Good fortune will occur if you expect it and have decided that you deserve it.

Expectations are powerful magnets for attracting things, people, and opportunities toward you – monitored largely by what you have decided that you deserve.

You’re creating your life today, in every instant and every moment. Look at what you’re doing today, right now, and you’ll get an idea of what your future holds.

Your life will be as good as you have decided it will be, and feel that you deserve.

Whether you’re indecisive, apathetic, combative, critical, fearful, hostile, shameful, angry, bored, or interested, alive, productive and creative . . . your life will turn out to be exactly as you have decided it is supposed to be, what you expect, and have decided that you deserve.

Life is what happens now. Focus on the past, and you carry it with you into the present. What your attention is on in the present becomes your future. There is no time; there is only now. There is no life except that which you create right now.

Ultimately you have the final say over whether or not you ought to have a life full of pleasure, activity, friendship, aesthetics, creativity or worthwhile purpose . . . or not.

You are as powerful as you decide to be, expect to be, trust yourself to be, and feel that you deserve to be.

Written as a gift to my friends on the occasion of my birthday in May 2016.

With affection and admiration,

Daniel Jacobs, 2016


About Daniel Jacobs

This is my personal blog site for writings about life and living, cognitions and bognitions, insights and outsights, rants and raves, prose and politics, economics, infonomics and exonomics, inter and outerpersonal relationships, artists, people and anything else that interests me.
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