The Rain Came Down, by Myrna Jacobs


a poem by Myrna Jacobs

I read your letter in the rain

Sitting in a park called Freedom

It seemed so fitting


You told me you loved me

You said you knew how much I’d cried

And wondered why I stayed.


It’s all about the place called freedom

The one we’ve sought together

It’s about the lessons

Learned as two

It’s the way you smile and how you make me feel

It is the wisdom, it is the understanding.


There is a song I once heard

That said

“they can’t stop us on our road to freedom”

When I sent you the lyric,

I knew you’d see why I stay,

Why I help and why I wait


The rain came down but I didn’t care

I saw it as a cleansing thing

The cold wetness streaked my face

And fell on your words


And we hold on, no thrive.

Everyone wonders and nobody knows

It is you and always has been with you

That I wanted to travel this road

Myrna Jacobs

15 April 2006


About Daniel Jacobs

This is my personal blog site for writings about life and living, cognitions and bognitions, insights and outsights, rants and raves, prose and politics, economics, infonomics and exonomics, inter and outerpersonal relationships, artists, people and anything else that interests me.
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