The road to excellence and mastery in any field of endeavor begins with the conceptual knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals, not from the accumulation of techniques, methods, and procedures.

Professionalism, certainty, and confidence develop from a focused, repetitive, and disciplined practice of the basic principles. Which, when applied expertly, can open the door to success, prosperity, and happiness.

Daniel Jacobs, 2013

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Love & Happiness circa 1968

Note: Myrna found this hand-written piece I wrote in the spring of 1968. Much of it is still true today. – Dan Jacobs

We all have an overwhelming desire to be needed, to be wanted, appreciated, to be loved. In order to fulfill this desire we must first be willing to love ourselves. We must know what it is that we can love, and must be satisfied with the love we hold for ourselves before we can determine what qualities we could love in another.

This love cannot be given out loosely, without reflection, indeed, love is given only after careful deliberation. It necessitates, that is, forms obligations for which sacrifices must be made. For me to love, she must be deserving of that love. She deserves it if she is so like me in important ways that I can see myself in her. And if she is ore perfect, that I can love the ideal of my own self in her.

We can see that this love for oneself cannot be an inward, selfish kind that only takes. But must rather be an outpouring, unselfish kind that recognizes and expresses the best that is in us.

When you discover your live in your being, don’t be afraid to reveal it. You have uncovered one of the basic principles of happiness. But this is only one of many that are needed to be really happy.

When you discover this love in another, and she in you, then you have begun to uncover the true secrets of happiness. This mutual warmth, affections, admiration, enthusiasm, respect, love is found only seldom. Cherish it as yourself.

Daniel Jacobs, Spring 1968

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Myrna Jacobs . . . Poems

The Beginning

Once when I was unaware that love could come so fast, I allowed myself a day, not even that . . . an afternoon.

It was cold that day. The Union was full, so we warmed our feet in bed, and love crept up between our smiles.

What Does Love Do?

What does love do after it has spent the summer chasing butterflies? In fall when butterflies are gone, love lies down to sleep.

For two months I lived with love but didn’t count the days. Across the car we spoke of trumpets and love and loneliness and again of trumpets.

For two months I lived with love. Nights of music, shiny barmaids and red velvet. Nights of thought and nights of hope. And nights of absolute despair.

Mornings of lovemaking and girl scout eggs. Afternoons of smiles and sun and frosty cones. And once again the night.

I didn’t catch a butterfly that summer. They were too lively and unpredictable They were too fragile to clutch tightly.

Night Falls 

Night falls on a Day of tears. My heart and soul yearn for times of waterfalls and bubbling fountains and counting every star in a midnight sky.

By Myrna Jacobs, late 1960’s




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When things aren’t working out as you hoped, seek out and discard any old assumptions that may have outlived their usefulness. You may discover that assumptions are hazardous to your wealth.


Daniel Jacobs, 2017

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What Goes Around . . .

If you’ve ever done something wrong, harmed someone who didn’t deserve it, or injured someone or something intentionally or unintentionally, you’ve got a problem. You’ve set in motion what could be called, the concept of inevitable consequence.

Why? The answer is a variation on the natural law of karma, which is: whether good or evil, you tend to get back what you give out; your actions now (cause) will influence your future (effect).

You carry with you the factors that attract bad things happening to you because you feel you deserve it – if only to “pay” for the wrong you’ve done to others.

Every prison inmate will tell you they’re innocent of the crime(s) for which they were convicted. But internally, they know they have done far worse things that they were never caught for, and they “deserve” the punishment they got this time.

Only when you feel that you’ve given enough good to others to balance out the bad you’ve done will you get off this rollercoaster. Nothing else works.

Want to change your life? Take a look at what you’re putting out. Unless it is something that you’re willing to have happen to you, don’t put it out. Put out positive vibes, and that’s what you’ll get in return.

What goes around, comes around.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017



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The Rain Came Down, by Myrna Jacobs


a poem by Myrna Jacobs

I read your letter in the rain

Sitting in a park called Freedom

It seemed so fitting


You told me you loved me

You said you knew how much I’d cried

And wondered why I stayed.


It’s all about the place called freedom

The one we’ve sought together

It’s about the lessons

Learned as two

It’s the way you smile and how you make me feel

It is the wisdom, it is the understanding.


There is a song I once heard

That said

“they can’t stop us on our road to freedom”

When I sent you the lyric,

I knew you’d see why I stay,

Why I help and why I wait


The rain came down but I didn’t care

I saw it as a cleansing thing

The cold wetness streaked my face

And fell on your words


And we hold on, no thrive.

Everyone wonders and nobody knows

It is you and always has been with you

That I wanted to travel this road

Myrna Jacobs

15 April 2006

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As I’ve said many times, I’m not perfect. I’ve made mistakes; many of them. But, though I am sometimes wrong, I’m never uncertain or afraid of failing. To me, failure is only a temporary setback, it’s not a life sentence. The fact of failing is a condition, and conditions will change. Adopt this mindset and it will serve you as it has and continues to serve me, for life. 🙂

Daniel Jacobs, 2017

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Give It A Name?

Relying on reason and logic to figure out people can leave you frustrated and confused. Why? Because many people don’t “think” at all.

In fact, their thoughts, feelings, and actions may have little to do with you or their present time surroundings. They may only be reacting to a past, mostly painful, experience which has little or nothing to do with you.

It’s a problem because such time or space misidentifications can create instantaneous actions without logical thought followed by odd (irrational) reactions to what was a relatively normal event.

Here’s an easy way I’ve found to help you deal with such things.

First, ask yourself, what is this? Give it a NAME. This alone can diminish the symptoms because now, you’re looking at it, instead of being affected by it.

Next, put a coffee cup on the desk or table in front of you.

Now, take this problem or whatever it was that you named, and put it in the coffee cup. This has the effect of putting some distance between you and the problem. It’s no longer a problem for you, it’s just a coffee cup.

Daniel Jacobs, 2016



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