dan and bryce walkingFor more than a decade, it has been my custom to produce an original writing for my friends in celebration of my birthday. This year’s version will be shorter but with more pith, at least hopefully so.

2013 has been a good year over all; a new live CD nearly ready for release; a second book in the final stages of publication; and, aside from the loss of the senior member of our family (Aunt Virginia at age 96 after a long and rich life), my immediate and extended family is healthy and doing well.

Now, to cut to the chase, this quote, by Jim Rohn, summarizes what I have gleaned from this most recent trip around the sun. Here is is:

If you really want to do something, you will find a way, if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

My gift to you this year is based on this concept. It is titled:

You’ll Find A Way

It is my belief and observation that intention is senior to any obstacle.
A clear, unambiguous decision, free from doubt, wedded with the willingness to face anything, combined with a healthy dose of persistence and with a bit of luck, and you can accomplish anything.
What is the secret?
It’s simple: Just keep your attention on the goal, in spite of all invitations to do otherwise.
Of course, you’ll run into barriers on the road to accomplishment. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay more attention to them than on what you’re really trying to do.
You tend to create what you keep your attention on – whether it be the goal or the barrier. Why not just continue to create the goal, and let the distractions fall by the wayside?
Absent your attention, obstacles tend to weaken and fade away anyway, leaving you free to move on toward attaining what you want.
You can always find a way – if that it is what you’re really looking for.

Written as a gift to my friends on the occasion of my birthday, May 2013

With thanks and affection,

Daniel Jacobs, May 2013

Note: My ‘birthday gift writings’ to date are available on this website ( under the titles and date published as below.

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2013 You’ll Find A Way


2 Responses to YOU’LL FIND A WAY

  1. Myrna Jacobs says:

    Thank you… Love you. You are, indeed, one who lives by these words and set an example for all of us.

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