What Goes Around . . .

If you’ve ever done something wrong, harmed someone who didn’t deserve it, or injured someone or something intentionally or unintentionally, you’ve got a problem. You’ve set in motion what could be called, the concept of inevitable consequence.

Why? The answer is a variation on the natural law of karma, which is: whether good or evil, you tend to get back what you give out; your actions now (cause) will influence your future (effect).

You carry with you the factors that attract bad things happening to you because you feel you deserve it – if only to “pay” for the wrong you’ve done to others.

Every prison inmate will tell you they’re innocent of the crime(s) for which they were convicted. But internally, they know they have done far worse things that they were never caught for, and they “deserve” the punishment they got this time.

Only when you feel that you’ve given enough good to others to balance out the bad you’ve done will you get off this rollercoaster. Nothing else works.

Want to change your life? Take a look at what you’re putting out. Unless it is something that you’re willing to have happen to you, don’t put it out. Put out positive vibes, and that’s what you’ll get in return.

What goes around, comes around.

Daniel Jacobs, 2017




About Daniel Jacobs

This is my personal blog site for writings about life and living, cognitions and bognitions, insights and outsights, rants and raves, prose and politics, economics, infonomics and exonomics, inter and outerpersonal relationships, artists, people and anything else that interests me.
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