It took me a while to accept the fact that I am an artist.

Music, from my earliest memories this lifetime, has been my constant, unbidden companion. My mind and my being have been, at all hours of the day or night, filled with beautifully aesthetic sounds demanding to be released through the language of music.

The joy of transmitting these feelings and sensations with the sublime, emotive language of music to be shared with others is an ongoing source of pleasure for me.

Only late in life did I discover the art and craft of writing. And then, almost by accident.

Writing brought a pleasure of a different sort in both the process and the result. By insisting that my thoughts and ideas be given physical form through words and sentences, paragraphs and pages my interest and skills in writing improved.

Music and writing are both essential to my life as both define me in different ways.

Philosophy or the love of wisdom also falls under the banner of art, at least in my mind.

My ongoing study of life and interpersonal relationships is a quest for the fundamentals of knowledge, wisdom, and truth, underscoring all that I have done or may do.

This endeavor is singularly rewarding when I am able to align my conceptual understanding of human behavior with the natural laws of life; and to share what I know and have discovered with others such that their curiosities may be excited by the possibility of life beyond the pale of human existence.

Such is my life.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2008-2030, all rights reserved

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Following are links to my annual writings. These are my “birthday gift to my friends.”

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6 Responses to ABOUT ME

  1. Eugene Hunt says:

    Many thanks for the articles. They have helped me understand my life much better. – Eugene Hunt, FL

  2. Rika Tinaka says:

    You are a gifted writer. Please continue to do more, I enjoy everything I read from your site. Do you ever get to Japan? – Rika

  3. Karen Hall says:

    Your new book sounds like a great idea! I’ve already seen what a talented writter you are. – Karen Hall

  4. major hunter says:

    Very intereting writing and site. I likeyour approach.

  5. Marianne Soher says:

    Found plenty in common with you in your blog… Jazz, writing, positive thinking, studying people and human relationship, “touching others non-verbally”…you talk my language. I seldom find this much empathy…

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