Truth & Freedom


Truth is freedom

To live a life of truth is a life of power

Believe nothing because once uttered by a wise man

Believe nothing only because it is written in ancient texts

Believe nothing solely because “everyone else” says it is true

Believe nothing simply because it is claimed to be of divine origin

Believe nothing that states you can’t be, do, or have, anything you decide

Believe nothing you cannot see as truth, including anything I’ve written here

Above all, trust your instincts and believe in yourself first, because

Freedom is truth and truth is freedom


daniel w. jacobs

© 2011, all rights reserved

Written as a gift to my friends, on my birthday, 2011


About Daniel Jacobs

This is my personal blog site for writings about life and living, cognitions and bognitions, insights and outsights, rants and raves, prose and politics, economics, infonomics and exonomics, inter and outerpersonal relationships, artists, people and anything else that interests me.
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