Edgar’s Eulogy; from DJ to Loretta 1996

Date: Thu, Oct 24, 1996 12:14 AM EDT

From: DWJacobs@aol.com
Subj: Re: Eulogy for Edgar
To:     LorettaPno@ao.com

I think this will be great. I wouldn’t change anything if you feel comfortable with it as it is. I will make a couple of comments and suggestions that you can feel free to ignore, as you are on the “front line”.

1) I am only uncertain about the singing of the Hymm and the Lord’s Prayer. My reasoning is that they seem a bit inconsistent with the way Edgar lived his life…at least what I knew of it.

You may have additional experience and information that would support your decision to include these elements in the service, if so, by all means use them.

2) IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), I would change the order a bit to flow as follows

  1. Greetings
  2. Introductions
  3. Presentation of leaflet
  4. Differnt periods of Edgars life
  5. “There is no Death”
  6. “The Traveler’
  7. Hymm and Lord’s Prayer (optional IMHO)
  8. Closure…sharing
  9. Recognition and acknowledgement of Edgars contribution…
  10. “My Home in Northern Michigan”

In any case, I feel that “My Home…” is a stronger closer as it is much more personal and obviously duplicates Edgars point of view exactly.

The other changes are less important, more to just make it flow better in my estimation.

As a footnote, when I do a service, I am never quite sure what I am going to say or do, often I just respond to the people there and what I feel they need and want at the time.

One thing I always do before an event of this type however, is that I always DECIDE on what I want the outcome to be BEFORE I begin the service. I just do this to and for myself. In this way, I know where I am going and the service just tends to lead itself in that direction without strain or effort.

I make it fairly general in nature, such as:

“Everyone in attendance will be happy they came and feel a sense of completeness and closure as a result of the service.”

Anything of this type is workable, it just puts something in the future to aim towards so I know where I’m going and know when I’ve arrived at the end point.

In summary, your outline is fine, just do what you are comfortable and natural with and it will turn out as well as could be expected under the circumstances.



P.S. I would not give the video to anyone to take with them, simply take the names of those who might want a copy, and we will get copies made and send them. I made that copy for you and you should keep it in your possession, let others see it if they come to your place.

Fires are not close to us.

The weather (good or bad) is primarily a consideration isn’t it? As we have seen, what Myrna and I consider “good weather” is not always what others might consider it to be, but that does not diminish our enthusiasm for what may show up in terms of weather.

So, just consider that the weather will be “fine” and it will be so.

I haven’t seen the latest copy of “Music Tree” so hang on to it and I’ll see it later.

Give everyone my best wishes and regrets that I couldn’t attend this service…I’m sure it will all turn out fine.





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